Saturday, April 9, 2011

Vietnam a look back

Vietnam was a sharp contrast from our Thailand experience even though they shared the common ground of steep limestone cliffs on the beach. Constant battles with the locals and one day of sunshine over our 8 day trip left us looking forward to the next destinations. 

The climbing was pretty fun, but we are a bit worried about the long term safety of the bolts (especially the anchors) as the majority were not glue-ins.  Thailand has better climbing and more of it, along with better weather, food, and nicer people; so we probably will not return to Vietnam. The one thing we had hoped to do but missed out on was the deep water soloing (DWS), which supposedly offers some of the best climbing.  (It turns out you need to check the tide tables before you go, as DWS may only be possible in the summer). 

Highlights for me were the 6b on Moody Beach, pitch 2 of Screw Loose on Slopony wall, leading 6c (even if it probably soft for the grade) at Butterfly Valley and following 7a as Anja got the red point.

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