Monday, April 18, 2011

China-Xi’an-Biking the City Wall (Day 66)

Sadly, it was even colder so I pulled the plug on trying to go out to Mt Hua Shan as I figured it would be snowing there with no views and too dangerous to be on the fun route up too the top.  Anja worked a little in the morning and I found another recommended Xi’an activity was to bike the city wall.  Our hotel was inside the city wall and it was only about a 1 km walk to the south entrance.  We found our way over there and paid the entrance fee.


We got on top of the wall and rented a tandem bike for a few hours.  It is about a 16 km ride around.


Our stead for the day.


On the wall, I had to run back to get our water bottle when it ejected.


From the north side of the wall looking at the train station.


Inside the wall from the train station.


It was rain now and we were bundled up in our get but our legs were getting wet and cold.


We stopped and posed with a couple fake terracotta warriors.


Done with the ride wet and cold.  It was a nice ride around and good to be active and it was great to go back to the room and crank up the heat.


The view from our hotel room.  On to Guilin and Yangshuo.

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