Monday, April 25, 2011

China-Yangshuo-Work day (Day 72)

We’d gotten in a good day of climbing so we took a rest day for some work for Anja. 


One Guilin made novalty is Sweet Osmanthus Wine so we tried a bottle.  It is really sweet, like a muscat, with a strong alcohol taste.  Can’t say we liked it much, even tried watering it down as it was so sweet.


One of our favorite dishes we’ve been having is fried eggplant beans.  It is eggplant, green beans, and green onion with sauted in oil with ginger and a little garlic and peppers.


Another 3 dishes we have really liked that we tried are chicken potato curry, hot and sour soup, and fried pumpkin. 

I think the chicken potato curry dish would be made in a crook pot: throw in sliced cooked chicken, 1 inch potato chunks, large carrot chunks, snap peas, and broccoli chunks with a curry sauce poured on top for simmering and served on rice.

Hot and sour soup: sliced green, red peper, and onion with diced peppers (looked like thai peppers to me) not sure about the broth?

Fried pumpkin: when we ordered this they went and got the pumpkin so it must be peeled and chopped then fried in oil with ginger, shallots, and a little pepper and maybe brown sugar.


Max said...

Ken, Anja -- I was just checking out your blog... Really nice to see what you have been up to. Sounds like the work routine is still working out for ya. The Tarakotta soliders and the Yang Shew rock climbing are things I'd love to experience one day...

I'm in Kentucky now... climbing 4-5 days a week and working... spring is coming in, and with it lots of rain, frogs, fresh saplings, butterflies, etc. Good to be out here again.

Anja said...

Hey Max, great to hear from you! April/May is a good time to be climbing in KY. We hope to be climbing and hiking some mountains in CA this summer. Hopefully we can meet up!