Wednesday, April 27, 2011

China-Yangshuo-Swiss Cheese Wall (Day 74)

We took most of the day for Anja to work but at 4 pm she wanted to get out of the room and climb.  Swiss Cheese wall is the closest wall to Yangshuo so we rented bikes quick the headed out.  We found the turn for the road after about 30 minutes.


The ride in was really nice and scenic.


We were at the wall and climbing at a quarter til 5.  We were going to have to climb quick since the bikes were due back at 7 pm.  We figured it would workout as most of the routes here were easy with the hardest routes being one 5.10a and one 5.10b.


We headed up Philly Cheese Steak 5.9.


Then up Lomito Complito 5.10a at 5:15 pm.


A Chinese group was top roping the 5.10b so we headed up Two Faced 5.8 at 5:36 pm.


Chinese group was still on the 5.10b so Chairman Mao 5.8 at 5:51 pm.


They were still on it so Spam the Chinese Ham 5.8 at 6:11 pm.


Finally the group pulled there top rope and we headed up Captain Kirk Eats Bruchetta 5.10b at 6:28 pm.


I top roped the 5.10b to save time and we high tailed it out of there.


We raced back on the bikes and got back at about 7:10 pm and were able to get our deposit back no problem.  Good fast day out climbing!

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