Thursday, April 28, 2011

China-Yangshuo-Low Mountain (Day 75)

We had a full day to go out climbing and it was sunny and amazing. 


We rented bikes for 5 Yuan a day each and headed down to Low Mountain.


This is Low Mountain we had come to get on the multi-pitch Monkey King but a party was on it when we got there.


We got on Footsteps of Our Ancestors, The 5.8 to warm up.  It was kind of polished and slippery and felt hard for 5.8.


We then got on Lazy Days 5.9.  The drag was while Anja was leading two local Chinese guys walked up and started saying “Hello” and rubbing there figures together.  It was the now well know Chinese bums trying to make us pay to climb.  We’d been told not to pay them as they are not swards of the crag they don’t offer any service, they are not the land owners, they are just trying to make a buck off climbers.  So I just kept saying “no,no”.  

We were going to try to wait longer for the party to finish Monkey King, The 5.10a but Anja wasn’t very good at dealing with these guys and wanted to argue with them so I said we should get on the multi-pitch and sent her up first.  We shoved everything in a pack and they gave a hard push for us to pay but I just kept saying “no, no” and ignoring them.  Once Anja finished the led and was not coming back down they walked off.


Top of pitch 2.


Anja leading up pitch 3.


Looking down at Anja belaying at the top of pitch 3.  The party ahead of us was rappelling down.


Anja following pitch 4.


Views from top of pitch 4.


View of Space Buttress.


We got back down and thought we’d see if the guys would come back and got on Sherrif Fatman 5.10a.


Then we got on Ten Thousand 5.10b to round out the day.  It had a really hard lieback move that I had to pull through on the draws.

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