Friday, April 22, 2011

China-Yangshuo-White Mountain (Day 71)

In the morning we moved over to Rock Abond Inn.  It is owned by a guy Abond who is a sponsered Black Diamond climber and is run by his girlfriend Ting who speaks great English.  The wifi is fast and they are way helpful and got us a mini-bus to take us out to White Mountain to climb for the day for 60 Yuen ($10) round trip.


We got dropped of at the end of a dirt road and had a 10 minute walk around to the back of the formation.  This area felt really out there and the scenery was just amazing.  I loved it!  It was a rare sort of area that inspires that sense of grandeur that places like Yosemite and Zion inspire in me everything I see them. 


White Mountain is a huge wall with some really steep climbs on it.


It is now the new heart of Yangshuo climbing with famous climbers like Chris Sharma coming here to put up some of the hardest climbs in the world.


We would not be climbing those routes.  We headed over to the far right side of the wall to start on Jie Jie Hua Xiang (Tangerine Blossom Fragrance) 5.10a.


Then a 5.10b to the right Prowl, The.


Then Liang Ba Sua Jie 5.10b just to the left of the first route


We then moved over to the far left for a the pumpy Missing Link, The 5.10b


It had a bit of a beached whale move up near the middle but it was a nice rest.


Then went over to Stone Dog 5.10c in the middle of the face which had a really strange move down low that I didn’t care for much.


What people really come to White Mountain for the over hanging left side of the wall.


To pump out the day Anja tried a quick burn Devil Sticks 5.12a and fell off about half way up and we had to run to catch our mini-bus. 


It was a nice day of climbing at White Mountain and walking back we got stuck in a traffic jam behind a couple of cows.  Just amazing to be out climbing in the farmland of China in such a grand setting.  We loved it.

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