Tuesday, April 19, 2011

China-Yangshuo-Flight (Day 68)

We grabbed a taxi to the airport and caught the one hour flight to Guilin.  In Guilin we caught a shuttle bus for 20 Yuen each ($3 each) which took us into town.  No real English speakers here so we ended up jumping off at a hotel and caught a cab from there to the bus station in front of the train station for 20 Yuen ($3) it was only about 6 blocks away.  At the bus station we were seen a mile away and everyone pointed the white folks to the “bus to Yangshuo”.  We jumped on and were off, it was 30 Yuen each.  It was a busy bus stopping and pick and dropping people off all the time.


On the bus.  When we got to Yangshuo bus station we got off and people were trying to help us speaking good English immediately. 


We had booked at River View Hotel and found someone who could take us there on a motorize rickshaw for 20 Yuen.  It was only about 6 blocks but he dropped us right there.  We were in 140 Yuen ($23) for our transportation from airport to our hotel.  It took us almost 3 hors but not bad.  Of note: a fair taxi price is 250 Yuen and will take about an hour from the airport.  We know how we’ll be leaving.


For dinner I finally found some noodles and for only 15 Yuen ($2.5)


A beer, cocnut juice, and wine to whined up dinner.

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