Wednesday, April 13, 2011

China-Beijing-Forbidden Palace (Day 64)

Tonight we would take the night train to Xi’an so we checked out of our room and walked over to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden Palace. 


We’d been warned by about everyone that theft was serious in the square so we were on guard.


The square was pretty quiet when were were there.


The entrance to the Forbidden Palace.


Whoops, we came in the entrance into the gardens not the palace but we had a nice walk around.


The Hall of Supreme Harmony.




Animals on the corner point of the roof.




I loved these Lion statues.


I also liked this tortoise statue


Nine Dragons Screen.


A once royal family crown.


When we left we caught a ride on these rickshaws.  They took us a ways and then told us our hotel was around the corner then they try to get us to pay them 300 Yuen.  I slapped the 6 Yuen in his hand and walked off.  It was really kind of a pathetic attempt at a scam but maybe it works sometimes for them.  We walked the rest of the way back to the hotel and grabbed a taxi to the train station. 


Gary Chen said...

Very cool Anja, you're seeing a lot of beautiful places. I also enjoyed my only visit to Beijing, back when I was about to enter UCLA. Did you get to see the Summer Palace too? It's huge.

Needless to say I'm feeling extremely jealous right now. :)

Anja said...

Hey Gary, great to hear from you! We are having a blast on our trip so far. China had some great people, food, sightseeing and climbing. I hope to visit again, maybe via a Beijing conference? :)