Thursday, April 21, 2011

China-Yangshuo-Work day (Day 70)

Since in a 10 days we would be headed to Nepal and would trekking for three weeks Anja was working hard to clear out her backlog of work.  So we spent the previous evening talking to about 15 different hotels about rates and internet.  We found that almost all the beds in Yangshuo are uncomfortable and it was important to differentiate between internet and wifi.


We ended up at the Jia Yuu Hotel for 168 Yuen ($28) a night.  They had a nice room for Anja to setup in but the internet was only Ethernet.  For some reason the Ethernet seemed temperamental with Anja laptop so things were not ideal but Anja worked most of the day away and I spent time trying to make out the rest of our travels through Nepal, Turkey, and to Greece.


The views walking around Yangshuo are great.


And walking the streets at night is really pleasant too.


One funny thing they do is light up some of the formations above town which makes walking around at night more dramatic too.  With the temperamental internet Anja wanted to move so we would go the next day to checkout Rock Abond Inn, a climber hotel run by climbers who say they have the fastest wifi in town.

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