Friday, May 27, 2011

Nepal-Yak Kharka (Day 98)

HUUUAHH!!!!  At about 1:30 am I threw up, luckily Anja got me the toilet paper bucket, although the used paper was dumped on the floor.  I was sick.  The next few hours would be a little scary for us as I hoped I was not starting into a Chron’s Disease episode.  If it was an episode I would start throwing up every 1-2 hours and by morning would be dehydrated and by the afternoon we would probably have to be calling for a helicopter.  Luckily, it looked like it was just food poisoning as I made it through the night without throwing up more.


Yak below our morning.


Anja went out and found us a new room in the hotel next door which appeared to have a much better kitchen and we laid up for the day.  By the afternoon the day had warmed up and the snow was melted.  I spent the all day in bed resting.


Don’t stay here!

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