Monday, May 9, 2011

Nepal-Kathmandu (Day 82)

In the morning I meet with Raj and drained our cash reserves.

2 plane tickets from Pokhara to Kathmandu – $186 US

TIMS (trekker’s information management system) – $20 US

Permit for Annapurna trek (2 park entry fees) – $60 US

Room in Pokara – $30

Bus from Kathmandu to Syange – $30

Canyoneer Gathering fee – $120

Raj works for Friend’s Adventure.


“Fantastic views from all levels” – Army guy after telling us that the climbing hours were 8 am to 2 pm (not 5 am to 5 pm as online) but suggesting we walk up the road.  Taxi ride was ~15 min. 


We took a walk up the road and found this little random cave.



And took in some views.



On the cab ride back Anja grabbed some photos of Kathmandu.


We also made it out and rented some sleeping bags.  The place had tons of bags and they were 25 rupees per day each to rent an used bag or 50 rupees to rent a new bag.  The used bags seemed good enough.  Anja laughed and said it reminded her of our old LA apartment.


After our failed attempt at climbing we went back to the same restaurant we had discovered the day before.  This time it was more like dinner time so there were other people.  I waved over a guy who was sitting alone and this turned out to be a lot of fun.  He had been trekking in Nepal for the last 20 years or so and absolutely loved it.  He introduced us to Tongba, a Nepali brew made from millet that you drink hot and through a straw.  When the cup runs out you refill the cup with more hot water and more alcohol is pulled from the millet grains.  It lasts about 6 refills.  Two orders of Tongba will put all but the biggest party animals to bed.  This 100 rupee ($1.50 US) was definitely one highlight of Kathmandu for me.  He said it was interesting to see the city change as the population size doubled over past 10 years or so.  He also told us the story of how he meet his wife on the Annapurna Circuit when they got snowed in for three days at a tea house together.


Our new friend said he had never finished the thermos of water they bring you so of course we had too.  Funny thing though our Nepalis server would have none of not bringing another thermos of water.  Amazing service!

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