Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Nepal-Khangsar to Tilicho Base Camp (Day 95)

We headed up to Tilicho Base Camp (TBC) on an amazing day.


1 hour of hiking took us to Thare Gompa with its large prayer wheel and then 20 minutes to the Tilicho Peak Hotel where there is also a short cut to Yak Kharka. We checked this out as we were considering following this to trail when were return as it saves 2.5 hours of hiking


. From here we were conserned about the upper or lower trail to TBC. The lower trail was “narrow, trichy, and through landslides” but 2 hours faster. We really didn’t want a repeat of the day before and the landslide but on the trail we met some Indian ladies who looked like they would be wearing high heels if their guide and porters would let them so we decided it should be ok.


The landslide turned out not to be a big deal although as we crossed it a few rocks did come tumbling down which would have hurt if they hit you.


Yaks on the trail.


Here is another choice of how to travel on the trail although in a lot of spots I would find this pretty scary.


TBC, we were happy to see this although it was a little bit of a disappointment.  We took a private room at the hotel on the left as the other hotel only had shared dormitory type rooms.


Looking up toward the lake it was early and we could have tried to go to the lake but Anja was a little tired after a few long days and wanted to rest and relax for the afternoon.

At camp we met a nice couple, Brenna and Marcos, in the dinning area who were doing the same as us.  She is from Minnesota and he is Spanish.  They had met while trekking in Spain and had been traveling together for months and months now.  We also met two German guys who were a lot of fun who had the goal of climbing a peak above Yak Kharka.  We had lots of fun hanging out with the four of them.

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