Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nepal-Tal to Chame (Day 90)

BY Anja from the trail: This was our first full trek day and we were happy to see that the rain had stopped!  On the trail we met up briefly with some Israeli who thought we were crazy to plan on reaching Chame from Tal in one day.  We kept a pretty good pace with few rest stops and made it to Chame in about the expected time.  Past of the driving force was hoping that we could find an atm there, so we could buy more food and beer at our hotels. 

Unfortureately, there was a bank but no atm.  One of the hotels in town took mastercard/visa but it was booked.  They also had a small store so we bought about $43 in supplies on our card.  They also had a Western Union, so Ken asked my Dad to send us $300. 


The on going road construction across the river from the trail.


One of many, many suspension bridges.


Views up canyon.


Interesting statistics on when people come.  The peak is in October.  We understand the air can be less foggy/hazy/smogy then.  We stopped in Tal to have our permit check.  It was funny, we were wondering “did we have to stop?”  Well we got that answered when another trekker went by without stopping the Nepalese guy was not happy and started yelling but he just thought the guy was saying “Stay at my guesthouse,” a normal occurrence on the trail but he got the message with “polica”.


The “Time Taken” between towns was pretty on the mark.


Info on Tilicho lake, we were excited about heading up here since Luca had called it the highlight of the trek.


Safe Drinking water stations were great but the one in Lower Pisang had burnt down.


Fields on the way out of town.


These signs were all over; “Way to Manang”.


Little hydroplant at the mouth of a canyon.


Porter carrying crazy loads with just a strap over his head.


Great views.


Entrance to Chame.


We got had a nice room in Chame with a WESTERN toilet and sink in our room!  In Chame also a had internet and checked in by email.  Hope we have a Western Union number from Rick in the morning.

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