Saturday, May 7, 2011

China a look back

We had a great time in China!

Beijing: I was surprise how easy it was to get around Beijing and do things.  Our hotel was very reasonable and very nice.  Signs in English and just few problems.  Walking on the Great Wall was the highlight of Beijing.

Xi’an: I didn’t like Xi’an.  The Terracotta Warriors were neat but I think the experience in picture pretty much covers the experience.  Biking on the walls of Xi’an was the highlight for me as it was really cool to see the crazy city below.  Not getting to go to Hua Shan Mountain is a disappointment of the visit to Xi’an.

Yangshuo: Ting at Rock Abond Inn was the highlight of Yangshuo for us.  She took a place that was starting to feel complicated and made it feel simple and pleasant.  The climbing was great, staying at Rock Abond Inn with Ting was so chill, and it was great fun to be in a place that we could eat local or eat Western so easy.  Yangshuo is just a great balance of Chinese experience, tourism comforts, and climbing.  If it had a beach it would start to rival Thailand.

Would we go back?  Yes to Beijing, no to Xi’an, and of course yes to Yangshuo.


shittyreader said...

Yeah, I ended up staying at Rock Abond for a couple nights, too, and they were really nice. It was fun to chill in the living room with everyone when done with climbing and shoot the shit. Ting is really funny and caring, too and Abond is chill.

Sierrasclimber said...

Ting and Abond are awesome. I was watching a fairly recent climbing video of some french guys in Yangshuo and Abond makes a short appearance climbing and then there is a short cut of him biking the guys around on a rickshaw. Pretty funny.