Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nepal Expectation

We had planned to go to Nepal and hike the Annapurna Sanctuary tea house hike.  It is supposed to be possible to start at the trailhead and do the whole hike with no guide and little more than a sleeping bag and clothes going from tea house to tea house.  One of my favorite quotes I’ve heard is on a packing list it said “Rain jacket – optional; you could bring one but why would you hike in the rain.”  I guess when you have a tea house to stop at every three hours why bother?  For those who have done a long distance backpacking trip where you spent even just one very wet day hiking in the rain all day it is something to ponder.  To do this trip I booked our flights into Nepal.
In the funny happenings of life and the digital community I got an invite to a Canyoneering Gathering in Nepal for which it was suggested you fly in the day I had booked.  After an outreach to the canyoneering community and friends, I was connected with a friend of my brothers who agreed to take our canyon gear from the US to Nepal for us.  CRAZY!  I guess we are a go on the canyon and will spend an extra week in Nepal.
So now were are hoping to do the Canyon Gathering and the Annapurna Sanctuary tea house trek.

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