Tuesday, May 3, 2011

China-Yangshuo-Moon Hill (Day 78)

One of the most famous places in Yangshuo we had to go climb at is Moon Hill.  Only probably everything there is really hard so there are only a couple a climbs we can do.  We’d been hoping our friend Tony would make it to China before we left and then could hand some top ropes on 7a for us.  Tony got delayed due to the Chinese visa problems and Vietnamese women chasing.  We headed out on our second to last day which sounded like it would be our last good day of  weather.


The hike up takes about 30 minutes on a good tourist trail.


It was just as amazing as the pictures make it look!!!


The climbing routes are all on the back uphill side separated from where most tourist go to avoid rock fall dangers to tourists.


Amazing spot!


We warmed up on a steep 5.9.  It was hard.


Then we top roped an unknown climb from the top of the 5.9.


Anja then led a 6b with an unpleasant top out.


It was pretty ridiculous that as we got to the top of the climb this old lady would yell “ROCK CLIMBER! SODA! BEER!” Oh the Chinese can be pushy.


Since it was a pretty gloomy day I don’t think many tourists were out which was pretty nice.


Near the end of the day some tourist did show up and were amazed by what we were up to and this guy wanted his picture taken with me.  That or he thought we were going to play American Gladiator.


High following the last 6b.


When we finished they all wanted to have their photo taken with us.  It was pretty funny and the first time posing for Anja.  Since I was prepared when the girl giving the ok sign ask for a picture with just me I scooped her up in my arms and held he up for the photo.  They all got a really good laugh about that.


To get back we grabbed a ride in this taxi van.  It was a great last climbing outing in Yangshuo!


dvdbrnco said...
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dvdbrnco said...

Incredible arch! Funny you swooped up the girl...what a thrill for her! Dunno about that black chicken though.

Sierrasclimber said...

It was great that Moon Hill lived up to being the legendary climbing spot it was.

I got asked for a photo by an Asian woman and after she walked away I thought I should have swooped her up so this time I was ready.