Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nepal-Travel from Kathmandu to Syange (Day 83)

By ANJA: This was a looong travel day due to hours and hours on a bouncy bus.  Even the paved roads were tedious due to potholes, swerving and honking.  I was very envious of the 2 Nepalese guys who were some how able to sleep on the bus.  In the morning we had the back of the bus to ourselves, so I could fully stretch out on the seats, but I could not sleep!  The lunch stop was pretty nice.  It was at a small resort across from a wall that had some bolted rock climbs.  There was even a small home made wall to climb on.  the food was great and there was a nice view overlooking a river.  We made a couple more stops on the way (we are not sure what purpose they served) and then arrived in Syange after dark.  To my dismay, Luca et all. were staying at what appeared to be the most distant hotel, located high up on a hillside.  The next day we were treated to a gorgeous view of the canyon and decided it wasn’t so bad!! In great luck Luca and Julie were at the bus when we showed up that night in the dark and showed us the way up the hill.


BY KEN: We caught a rickshaw ride to the bus.


Our bus for the first part of the trip.  We were sitting behind Wolfgang, little did we know we’d see a lot of this guy.


The road from Besi Sahar we waited here for a little while for some reason or other.


Me walking next to Wolfgang and Elke.  We’d see a lot of Elke and Wolfgang in the next few days but we didn’t know them yet.  That’s our bus in the background.


At the entrance to the park we switched buses onto a shorter bus as the road got rougher.


Being on the bus on this road was pretty scary.  The road was on a huge cliff and not that wide and definitely not very good.  Luca, Julie, and the rest of the American’s had already been there for a full day and done one canyon.  We were super excited that it had worked out that Luca had brought our canyoning gear for us and Julie had brought some new electronic toys we’d ordered which a different friend was going to bring to us who couldn’t make his trip.

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