Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nepal-Tarwali Khola (Day 88)

Start 9:30 am  Finish 12:15 pm

Elke organized an “all-girl” canyon which extended to include ~1/2 men but girls were to set all rappels, except she ended up letting a Greek guy set one.  Trip members Patti, Demetria, Stella, Lydia, Elke, Alicia, Ken, Kevin, Ira, Manuel, Wolfgang, and 2 Greek guys.   I got to practice skills that Ira had taught me before we left – a hand line to a rappel with the same rope.  The key thing is thread the rappel with the other end of the rope (2figure 8’s  clip to anchor hand line)


BY KEN: a picture of some ofthe ladies of the group and our leaders for the day.  It was our last canyon day.


Elke on the last rappel.  Opps that’s all the pictures we got from the canyon.  The canyon was really short with only 4 rappels.


Our guesthouse was right on the way to the canyon so Elke got everyone to stop at our place for beers and popcorn before changing out of there wetsuits.


A panorama from the space outdoor dinner space of our guesthouse.


Michael came back from doing the hardest canyon and had an upset stomach and lied on the bench for a while.


That afternoon a cultural event was going on in Ghermu and we wondered over to check it out.  This event was unrelated to the canyoning event and pretty interesting.




These guys came out and did some random cymbal clashing but the guy in pink was having a real good time and they finished.


These ladies came were dancing when this guy came back out and started jumping around and dancing too.  He did not look like he belonged but the ladies just went on.


Another dancing group came out and half way through their performance this blue thing came running down from the village above.  Clearly it was a woman dressed as a man and grabbing her crotch.


She was sure cracking up the locals.


Another dance group came out and I’d had enough standing around and headed back to the guesthouse.

We had a great time at the canyoning event.  It was kind of nice that we missed joining the American group most days as it was interesting to get to meet the German’s and Greeks.  Also, it was such a gift of Luca to have brought our canyoning gear all the way from the US.  Most amazing thing was he had never meet us.  He only knew my brother Keith from canyons not in the US but in Italy they had done together.  Luca was definitely our hero for the month.

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