Thursday, May 5, 2011

China-Yangshuo-Fly out (Day 80)

It was time to fly out to Nepal. 
Rock Abond Inn.
Since it was a holiday weekend Ting was chargin 600 yuen for our room for that night.  She really doesn’t like customers for just one night as they have to clean the room and everything so she was going to get paid if they had one tonight.  I think she told us if it wasn’t rented by 7 pm she would raise the price so funny.
Rock Abond Inn’s lobby.
Yeap this is a climber place.
Ting and me, she was really great and so helpful.  We got up at 7 am and caught the 45 minute cab ride (250 Yuen ($42) to the airport.
At our layover we caught up on a little sleep.  Anja enjoying the $1 pillow we got in Thailand at the Big C on top of her laptop bag.  We also learned a new airport sleeping method where you lie on your side with the arm rest at your hip and wrap your torso on one chair and legs on the chair next to it.  It is surprisingly less uncomfortable then you would think if you have a pillow.

We landed in Kathmandu at 10 pm.  The Visa process was easy with a short form and $40 US.  We got our bags.  We'd been warned about not letting people help us with our bags.  After that we were headed out for our normal airport routine.  Every country we've been to so far has been the same; land at the airport, walk out and check the exchange rate for US dollar, calculate how much $300 US would be in that currency and then withdraw that from an ATM.  Well we found a currency exchange place but no ATMs.  Luckily, we were carrying $500 US cash and $250 in Yeun.  We exchanged the Yeun and went outside the airport.  After a little wondering around we got a prepaid cab (600 rupee – $9 US) to our hotel The Ambassador Garden Home.  We got there at 11 pm and someone was up waiting for us.  Our room had a fruit basket and two bottles of water.  We traveled for 17 hours and crashed out.

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