Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nepal-Trek Ghermu to Tal (Day 89)

The ceremony was supposed to end at 11 am but due to the weather the tourism minister’s helicopter was delayed.  We left the lodge late and did most of the trekking in the rain.  It was very cold arriving in Tal just before dark (6:30 pm) but the first hotel in town had a nice empty room w/private bathroom attached and hot water shower.  The total trip was supposed to take 6 hours but we made good time in spite of the muddy trail.  Sad to leave our friends from canyoning but looking forward to a fun trek!


The tourist minister flew in by helicopter.


The concluding ceremony.


Ready to depart and start trekking.


It was soon raining.


Ok this was just really funny to me.  This was an old run down abandoned guesthouse which was full of donkey’s standing in the room doorways.


Nepali carry a huge thing of chickens up the trail.


One of the hardest spots for the ongoing road work.


The rain had stopped but everything was soaked.


The view back down valley.


Looking out at Tal.


“Local beer” this stuff was gross.  It looked like wart after finishing primary fermentation, kind of tasted like it too.


Our room for the night with bathroom.

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Michelle Nilles said...

I love the donkeys in the doorways! Too funny. Great photos -- brings back memories of being there :) --Michelle