Friday, June 17, 2011

Turkey-Trebenna West Middle (Day 111)

We checked out the guidebook a little more today and decided the coolest looking formations were at Trebenna so we headed over there. 5.10


Looking up at Trebenna West Middle.


We started on Flower Tower 5.9 and were pleased to find it straight forward climbing, fairly easy, and not too sharp.


Next we climbed Lycian Alpinist 5.9 and were again pleased with the quality of the climb.


We’ll 5.9 went well Anja thought, lets give 6b a shot since we could normally climb that in Asia so we tried Aquaduct 5.10d.  It was hard and Anja lowered off because some of the moves got stiff a little above the bolts.  I headed up and pulled through the moved to the top.


Since that didn’t go so great we went over to Lycian Highway 5.10a which a lot of people had been climbing.  It was more straightforward but had an awkward undercling. 


The undercling moved into a nice chimney move rest on the broken stalactite.

Last we gave 6a a shot and got on Bone Bridge 5.10c.  It was really good up to and through an undercling but then got bold and thin above the last bolt to the anchor.  This was becoming typical in Turkey and starting to get old.

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