Monday, June 6, 2011

Besi Sahari to Kathmandu (Day 103)

We got up before 6 am to grab breakfast and catch our bus to Kathmandu.  We meet Jirel down at breakfast.


We stayed at the Hotel The Tukuche in Besi Sahar for 600 rupees for the night.


We took a little van “bus” packed with people, there were probably about 23 people in this little van.


The guards and their guns a common sight around Nepal.


The inside of the van.


At a gas stop this kid got on and played some music while the van drove.  Jirel told us there is a cast of Nepalese musicians who he is part of.


Jirel and us on the van.


While we on the van sitting in front of us was this little girl.  She was trying to talk to us.  It wasn’t until Anja took a picture of her and tried to show it to her that we realized she was blind.  Anja had heard her singing and started singing some songs in English with her.  She was heading to Kathmandu for surgery on a brain tumor which had made her go blind 2 years ago. 


Once we got to Nepal we made plans for Tongba and dinner with Jirel.


Jirel took us to this awesome place called Dorje Restaurant, in Jyatha just 15 minute walk from our hotel in Thamel.  The total bill for the three of us drinking and eating here was only 500 rupees!  (less than $10)


Tongba!  We made plans with Jirel to sightsee with him, his wife’s friend, his wife, and their little boy the next day.

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