Monday, June 27, 2011

Turkey-Olympos Horguc Magara (Day 117)

We found a little more motivation to go for a longer walk and headed over to Olympos Canyon to climb at Hörgüç Magara (Horguch Cave).


The approach was arduous.  First we had to hike down the beach for like 15 minutes.


Then we had to hike through the ancient town of Olympos which dates back to the 2nd century BC.


Walking through town.


Horguc Magara and Horguc Ghetto is the little cave high on the right.


We started in the back of the cave on Oyuncak Dünya 5.10c which was nice but had a hard clip to the anchor.


Above I’m on Manik Depresif 5.10c right where it got hard and it was even before the anchors.


Anja then of course had to try the tufa climb of Die Another Day 5.11a just to the right which was pretty cool left slanting tufa to some tufa columns.  Tufas are just one of the coolest things to climb.  I still love it.

We were out of climbs we could do in the cave so I wanted to head up to the Horguc Getto just five minutes up the trail below the cliff.


I got on Seniorenfalle 5.10b I struggled about halfway up on this cool overhang that was well above my last bolt. 


I went up and down trying the moves and trying to find a better hold to be able to progress upward to the reach the next bolt but just couldn’t find any thing. Finally I tried to the right of the bolt which looked like so much less fun on delicate crimping hold and found some and went for it. No problem then it was cruiser to the top. Of course Anja just floated up it.


After the previous route going up and down I felt wiped but Anja wanted more so we got on Auf Dem Holzweg 5.10b a steep route just to the right of the previous route.  It was pretty fun on big holds so Anja cruised it and I struggled up it.


Heading back down the trail we came across Biricik 5.10b which looked ok from the ground so I headed up it.  I absolutely loved this climb.  I can’t exactly say why but it was a cool mixture of jugs to balancy moves and stemming.  It was just a climb that required a little bit of every technic.


The view down to new Olympos town.  Not a place I’d want to stay.  There are lots of hostels and cheaper accommodations here but it is really packed in and just didn’t seem as relaxed as Cirali.


Back down the beach at sunset.  This place is just soo crowded.  Smile

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