Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nepal-Lower Pisang to Danaque (Day 101)

We head out for our second day hiking down.  The previous day had gone quickly and we hoped the three day hike in might be doable in two days.  On the way in we had spent the night in Tal, Chame, and then Lower Pisang so if we made it past Chame today we would have gained more than one day.


Anja got a new understanding of my dislike of mule.  Wow we saw a lot of stuff being carried up the trail.


Maybe this will be a future ice climbing tourist route once you can drive up here.




Nepal lumber mill.



We made Danaque and stopped at this safe drinking water station.  They lady there so ran the hotel across the street and said she had a solar shower with no guests and we could stay for free just pay for food.  It was 5:30 pm and had been an eight hour day of hiking so we pulled up for the night.


The shower was hot and amazing!  She even had some towels we could use.  We definitely felt rejuvenated. 


Since we were staying free we over ordered our food a little.


Nice views from the room.  In all it had been a long but enjoyable day.  We hoped we could hike out and get out of the wilderness to Besi Sahar tomorrow but knew it would be a push.

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