Thursday, June 16, 2011

Turkey-Right Cave Climbing (Day 110)

We were still jet lagged something awful from our over night airport stay but got up at about noon and went to the closest climbs.  They were about 100 ft behind our bungalow and sounded like a good warmup on 5c+ range climbing.


We started on Silvie’s Secret which felt hard, sharp and thin.


Then Pianist 5.10b.  It also felt hard, sharp and thin.


Then Lola 5.9.  Yep hard, sharp, and thin.


Anja had had enough of the sharp rock and called it a day.  I finished out on Sincap 5.10a.  It was a more fun but still a little sharp.  It was definitely an uninspiring day of climbing and we were left wondering if we should have come here.


Since we felt a little trapped at Jo.Si.To food wise we went for a 40 minute walk uphill to the town of Geyikbayiri to the market and to look for other guesthouses which have stable wifi.  On our way back down this doggie was sure I had something in the bag for him.


The town of Geyikbayiri.  We didn’t really find any better options than Jo.Si.To so we started considering other options.

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