Thursday, June 23, 2011

Turkey-Drive to Olympos (Day 115)

We settled up on the bill and Tobais was a little more relaxed and we agreed to pay one extra night (35 euro) for our early departure.  We also rented a car through them for 23 euro a day and a 7 euro charge to return the car at the airport.  This was a great rate as far as I could find.

Jo.Si.To menu.

Anja driving the rental car.  It was a piece of junk Fiat with like 130,000 km on it but whatever works for us.
We drove down the coast to Cirali the canyon just north of Olympos, Turkey.  It was on the beach and gorgeous!  We’d chose to wing the accommodations and checked a few hotels and checked there wifi in the room and download speed.  Anja checked out Hotel Odile and loved it and managed to talk them down to 50 euro per night. 
IT WAS AMAZING TO BE BACK IN A FULL TRUE WESTERN HOTEL ROOM!!! It is a little hard to express this. We’d had good accommodations but it was just so much nicer. Mind you this was not a deluxe hotel but it was just SO GREAT.
A truly normal bathroom so great.

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