Friday, June 24, 2011

Turkey-Kabe Left Climbing (Day 116)

It felt good to be out of Jo.Si.To.  I don’t know why maybe it was just great to be back at the beach and the water was amazing.  Just so clear and blue.  LOVE IT.


We headed to the one of the closest climbing areas which were in Cirali Canyon.  We ended up at Kabe Left wall.


Since the stream was high is was a little hard to cross to we spent about 15 minutes tossing rocks in the river until it looked stable and I could rock hop across.  Since I had on 5.10 shoes and Anja was just wearing running shoes I hopped back across and took her pack across for her.


We warmed up on Supradyn 5.9 which was kind of slabby but ok. 


Then Anja wanted to get on Istanbul Sendromu 5.10d it had a tough move traversing to the right and she had to hang to get it.


I gave it a shot and had to hang at the crux too.  Drag another missed 6b onsight.


Then we moved to the right on the wall and got on Sedergine 5.10a.  It was a little thin in spots but ok.


Anja headed up it and checked out the 6c extensions onto some tufas but they were both just a little too hard and steep.


We rounded out the day on RBT 5.9.  None of the climbing was amazing but it was a real nice day walking next to the ocean and climbing above the river.  We were really enjoying .Cirali.

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