Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nepal-Kathmandu-Strike (Day 105)

So we were on our own in Kathmandu and had a few errands we hoped to get done.  We still had not collected our luggage and laptops (hidden in the luggage) which was in storage at the Ambassador Garden Home Hotel.  We also had sleeping bags to return.  However, the workers of Kathmandu had different ideas and were on strike.


Since so many cars were not running and some planes were not flying we hoped we might have great views from our hotel roof top but is was hazy.


We went out to check this out.  Everything was closed up guess we will not get many errands done.  It was pretty cool hanging out there on such a different day.  Normally, you can’t walk 30 feet without hearing from more different people than you can count: “Namaste, you want to go trekking?”  BEEP BEEP “You want rickshaw?”  “you want smoke-hashish?” SQUEEK SQUEEK “Namaste sir come in very good price”  None of it we just walked in piece and quiet.


There was one nice piece of street art.


The only thing we could get was our luggage.  The staff at Ambassador Garden Home were really professional and friendly even though we would not be staying with them until 4 nights from now.


For dinner we met up Raj for dinner.  It was good to see him and talk to him about everything.  He was such a great help to us on our trip in Nepal.  I think one big lesson I took on Nepal was if I were to go back I would just book everything through a company and just enjoy the service they just have so much to offer for such a fair price.

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