Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nepal-Kathmandu-Boudhanath (Day 104) PART 1

Well I took too many pictures this day and had to split it into two parts.  We had plans to meet Jirel and got up and took a taxi to Boudhanath Stupa.


We had talked to Jirel about meeting him and his family at Boudhanath at 9 am so we made it there right on time but he was not there so we went to explore.


It was an interesting one of those sites blending tourism with religion and an ancient site.


Boudhanath has the eyes of Buddha which I was familiar with but were still very interesting to see in person.


The story of the site was that a female shepherd was given permission to build a temple to Buda the circumference of a skin of an animal but instead of skinning the animal and laying the skin of the ground she made the skin into thin strips and laid them end to end to make a huge circle and then built the temple.


It was nice that we got there early so we could see things on our own before Jirel got there.


Us and Jirel and his wife and boy.



After Boudhanath we went over to the old palace.  It was an interesting place too with lots of amazing wooden sculptures.


We walked through the grounds and then found our way into a Nepalese restaurant.  It was pretty funny as the ceiling on the second floor were we ate was only about 5 feet high.  The total bill for 5 people from lunch was 350 rupees ($5) which is pretty funny as our bill for two in places “white people” go was often 400 rupees.


Wooden carvings on the buildings.


Then Jirel took us to a soda shop for lemon soda since I’d been talking about it a lot.  In a restaurant in Thamel we’d discovered lemon soda which was just carbonated lemon water.  I thought it was great!  Sadly, the soda center did not live up to what I’d been drinking as it was too salty.


Still the bottles were super cool as they were sealed with a marble and an o-ring.  The bottle necks were tapered so the soda jerk could punch down the marble and the bottle neck would capture the marble then he would pour the soda water and mix it with flavorings.

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