Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Turkey-Fly to Greece (Day 119)

It was time to head out.


We grabbed breakfast at our free buffet at 8 am.


I grabbed a picture of our hotel pool.


Then I grabbed a shot of the beach in front of our hotel, Hotel Odile.


Which also included use of these beach chairs.  We headed off to the Antalya airport to fly to Istanbul and then on to Athens on Turkish Airlines.  In Athens we were to meet my parents and Anja’s dad and step mom.  After so many days away we were both a little homesick and very excited to see some of our family. 

The flights were really nice and I enjoyed Turkish Air.  Unfortunately, I’d been warned by my mother that Athens was having so sort of strike and public transit wasn’t running today so we were a little worried about having transportation issues to get to Rafina. When we got to Athens we went through our normal airport routine of luggage, cash, and find transport.  The first two went flawless and we went looking for taxi, bus, or rail info.  We found an airport information desk and said we want to go to Rafina.  She said a bus was leaving in 7 minutes.  We rushed out and found it and got to Rafina for only 3 euro each.  This was going well.  We got dumped at the port and found a taxi to take us to the hotel for 10 euro.


We made it and everyone was there at the hotel waiting for us to show up.  We were so excited!!!

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