Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Turkey-Fly to Antalya (Day 109)

So we spent a long 10 hour layover in the Dubai Airport from 10 pm to 8 am.  We slept on the chairs mostly.  Since I had over paid for luggage on the flight I checked the rock gear which we normally carryon but I did have one run in with a security check point at the airport.  When I went through they wanted to take our power strip with 6 outlets and 6 ft cord.  Don’t know why?  Honestly, I think the security lady wanted it and thought she could take it from the white guy.  She searched the bag and said you can have this?  WHY?  It’s not on a list?; “Can’t have” “Fine I’ll check it” (I had a 10 hour layover, what better did I have to do.  It took us serious effort to get the power strip and depended on it often) “Why you have to have it”'; “Yes and I’m not leaving without it”; “fine take it they will just take it. They will take it at the next checkpoint” 
Well after that we put it in Anja’s bag and didn’t even get asked about it at the next security checkpoint.  At 8 am we got on our flight from Dubai to Istanbul.
The flight wasn’t even 1/3 full!  EVERYONE was sleeping on 3 seats.  Look at the picture in front and behind Anja.  BEST FLIGHT EVER!
At the Istanbul airport we were so excited to have a salad after being in Asia for so long!  They just don’t really do salad there.  Our flight to Antalya on Pegasus Air was really cramped but got us there no problem.  From Antalya we were headed to Jo.Si.To Guesthouse in the middle of the climbing in Geyikbayiri and I had arranged for transportation through the guesthouse when I made the reservations for 40 euros. 
We got in a little early the transport guy was a little late but it worked out and we were on the last leg of the travel.
They had a cool Fiat that reminded me of our Element.
Can you tell Anja had like 6 cups of coffee and I had not? 
A little market on the way.
At the “guesthouse”/campground.  We had reserved a bungalow with bathroom and got checked in and crashed out.  At dinner we hit a bit snag, the internet was down!  Part of the plan for Turkey was to come and chill in one spot so Anja could get some work done.  When we asked the staff about it they just said "it's like that."  We started looking for other options and went up to the Climber's Inn to check it out and there wifi was working.  Ahhh, stressful Anja had a conference call the next night got to figure out a backup.

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