Friday, August 12, 2011

Greece-Kalymnos-Spartacus and Grand Grotto (Day 150)

Well we’d had two days of rest and it was time to test our plan and go climb harder.


We headed to Sparacus an area up the hill from the Grand Grotto.


We got on Harakiri 6b+.  Sadly it was another 6b+ onsight attempt and another hang and failure of a send.


It was a great route and really fun though.


Then onto what we had come and rested for (22) Les Amazones 6c (5.11a) “superb line up tufas”.


Anja powered through it and it was an amazing line.  The type you dream about when thinking about steep limestone climbing.


When we first climbed in the Grand Grotto Anja watched other women climb Trela 7a and said if they can do it so can I .  It had become a goal and we were truly training for the success of that goal.  After her success on Les Amazons she wanted to try so we went down to the Grand Grotto.


The picture just doesn’t do the route justice.  It is incredibly steep on amazing holds and features plus it is 40 m long.  For us just the best imaginable climb you could ever dream up.  Anja gave it a good push but had to hang a few times.  She finished to the top and thought she had the moves and rests worked out that when she returned she might succeed on the red point.


It was a great day of hard climbing.

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