Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Greece-Kalymnos-Rest days (Day 148 & 149)

Well the climbing the day before was good at 6b but I didn’t feel it was the type of climbing you would fly around the world before.  Anja and I were both feeling strong but tired most days from all the climbing even after a rest day so we decided to take 2 rest days at a time and try to climb harder routes into the 6c range or even 7a range.


This was a banner on the street.  WELCOME TO OUR AREA. ENJOY THE CLIMBING.  Finally, I know what all those motorcycle riders feel like when the come into a town like Durango, CO at Labor day and all the stores and restaurants say Biker welcome.  The people of Massouri are awesome and so welcoming to climbers.


Strange sight on our walk to the grocery store.  We saw this snake with a mouse biting it back and then it slithered up into this hole.  My guess is to digest the mouse babies in it’s stomach.


So by far our favorite restuart was Sunrise Snack Bar.


Drink prices were ok.


Gyros in a pita 2.20 was great and Chicken Souvlaki was awesome.


On the walls like all the best climber eateries they had guidebook pages.


Nice seating.


Antonio was always in the kitchen.  Thing about a job in the Greek Islands in the summer is it is everyday so Antonio was there from open to close everyday.  We got to know him and would wave in the kitchen whenever we came to eat and he would just start cooking our usual right away.


Nectarous seen here in front of Sunrise was the owner and almost always there also.


Anja’s usual.


My usual


Anja’s usual in the front and mine in the back


Lets eat!


And sunset from our patio.

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