Thursday, August 18, 2011

Greece-Kalymnos-Arhi and Odyssey (Day 153)

We headed over to Arhi to check out the steep climbing on the right side.
I started on a classic Thestis 6b tufa climb but fell off near the top.  It was  a great climb but too pumpy and my stemming ability failed me.
While climbing we watched these goats climbing all over steep terrain.
WE then got on Il Pittore 6b+ which was not as hard as thetis except for a very thin move 15 ft up.
Anja then sweet talked her way into a top rope on Kastor 7a.  She was excited about it and wanted to try to lead it sometime in the future.
We then wondered over to head up the multipitch Kalmian Cheese but the quality got really bad after the bolt anchor and kind of runout so we bagged on it.
Since we’d climbed everything on the good looking steep rock we could at Arhi we headed over to Odyssey and got on Feta 6c.  It was a great enjoyable climb which Anja sent without much problem.
We rounded out the day on Morfeas 6b+ which was really steep and a little bold.
Back at Sunrise Antonio was prepping food for a party across the street.


Mike said...

In Kalymnos now! Where is the place that Antonio is cooking at? Looks GREAT!

Ken said...

It is called Sunrise, and it is located on the left side of the road when walking away from the crags (ie the side opposite the water). There is a tourist office across the street and a jewelry store. If you drop in say "hi" for Anja + Ken, the American couple who were there for the month of June. Have fun!