Friday, August 12, 2011

Greece-Kalymnos-Panorama (Day 151)

We headed up to Panorama Wall next to the grand grotto.  We were tired but gave a couple routes a shot.


I gave another 6b+ a shot but failed to onsight again but got it done.


Anja got on Cyclops 6c only missed the onsight by the top move she didn’t commit to.


It was a great route though.


And I struggled my way up it on top rope.


While we were climbing there we met some nice guys from Salt Lake City; Will Hair and Chris Noble.  We talked to will some and he lived in Sugarhouse so we asked if he knew Jane (a canyoneer we had met in Nepal from Salt Lake City) and of course Will did know her.


I gave a 6b a shot to round out the day but it got a little committing at one point on a lieback sort of move that I just didn’t have the strength left for so I had to have Anja finish out the route for me.

That evening I posted on Jane’s facebook wall how it was funny we had met her friend Will on Kalymnos.

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