Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Greece-Kalymnos-Arhi (Day 142)

As we had planned we had the motorbike for the morning until 2 pm so we headed out to Arhi on the bike.  It was about 4 miles away from Massouri.  Arhi is well known as it was one of the first sectors bolted on Kalymnos and holds some long climbs.


We got there and got on Stanislas 6a+ rated as a music note.  The guidebook has quality ratings of 1-3 stars and then music notes as basically four stars.


The climb was nice but nothing super special.


We then moved on to Komak 6a+ and also a music note.  It was again nothing really special.


We were really enjoying the views at Arhi and it was not very crowded which we had expected it to be.


We then got on Dell Mabul 6a and extended it to the top of Kalymero. 


So far we had been finding the climbing grades very easy on the left of Arhi.


We then got on Axe 6b which also went without much problem.


I decided to try for a goal to onsight 6b+ on Monolith which was a music note quality.


It was a diverse climb with a little overhang, edging, and slab climbing and I made it to the top no problem.  Success!  I felt a little invalidated being that every other climb had felt so soft I could help but feel this climb should only be rated 6b.  Well I just have to keep pushing and try for another 6b+.


The right side of Arhi looked to hold more interesting climbing.


After my success Anja wanted to push too and got on 4 U 6c.  Even when she got to the spider webs which indicated the climb wasn’t often ascended she kept going and it was a nice way to close out the day.


Anja wanted to run back to the hotel so she downed a big bottle of water and gave me all the gear to ride back on the motorbike.  Arhi as viewed from across the bay.


Arginonta home to many great 6b range climbs we would be back to checkout.


Such great views riding the motorbike back.

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