Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Greece-Kalymnos-Arginonta (Day 147)

We headed out to Arginonta which was again upcoast about 4 miles.


We decided to try a new method of transport which was to catch the Pothia to Emporio bus which leaves Pothia at 9 am.  The bus is only twice a day so if we ended at about 3:50 pm we might catch it back otherwise we will just walk the 4 miles back which is very pleasant.  We grabbed our tickets for about 1 euro each and caught it just past the split in the road for Massouri.


Arginonta is a place full of highly rated 6b and 6b+ climbs so I was really excited to go there and check it out.  I was still pushing to climb 100 routes in Greece so I was planning to push lots of climbs today.  We started out on Cap Arvithis 6b and three stars.  It was a nice climb.


We then got on Wild Sex 6b and a music note. 


It was good but nothing spectacular.


Anja then wanted to push the grade and got on No Mercy 6b+.


It had a really rough steep start and neither of us got that cleanly.


I then jumped on Borhok another music note.


It was a busy day at the crag and we were getting in good climbs but nothing was really great.


I finished the day on Pornokini 6a and a music note.


Again a good enjoyable climb but nothing amazing.


Yum Sunrise CafĂ©. These chicken souvlaki plates were 6 euro each (typically 6-8 euro in Massouri) and they made them how we wanted. Since they didn’t charge us for bread and we typically were coming in with our own water our total with tip was 15 euros. 15 euros was a pretty good deal as else where it would be likely to run up to 20 or more euros.


Anja started by getting hers with just salad and tzatziki and then I started getting it too but with a little Greek salad and tzatziki.  It was really great the server and chef were starting to get to know us and it was become our usual. 


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