Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Greece-Kalymnos-Fly out/Kos (Day 165)

We headed out to Athens flying out from Kalymnos.


The Kalymnos airport is a little exciting built high on a hillside.


Anja posed with the statue of a sponge diver.


If you’re a sponge diver never forget your cigarette for after a good dive.  Unfortunately the airport being high on the hillside also makes it very susceptible to high winds and the wind was really blowing today.  We would have been smart when we got there to just change flight right away and probably could have gotten out from Kos that day but we took the gamble and by the time it was cancelled we had to flyout the next day from Kos.  


We hoped a taxi to the port and caught the 30 minute ferry to Kos.


We found a hotel room and took a walk on the beach.


It was actually kind of nice to visit one last island before we left the Greek islands.

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