Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Greece-Kalymnos-RAM! (Day 158 and 159)

Our friend Ram had left the United States with us in January and then returned from to the US from Thailand.  Well he came to Greece to see us back for our return trip.  He flew from LA and the trip was going to take almost 24 hours but then he got involuntary bumped from his international flight and had to spend the night in New Jersey so he got in a day late which was a drag as he was only going to get to spend about 6 nights on Kalymnos with us before we all head to Athens.


Ram had arrived!  I didn’t go to the airport to greet him but waited at the hotel for him to show up.


The first place we took him was of course Sunrise for dinner.


Ram was pretty wiped out so we spent much of the day just enjoying our amazing room talking and catching up.


And of course more Sunrise!


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