Monday, August 22, 2011

Greece-Kalymnos-Ghost Kitchen (Days 155, 156, and 157)

We took 2 days of rest again to get ready for Ghost Kitchen.


Some rest day Sunrise.


A rest day tooth cleaning.


Then on to Ghost Kitchen which we were drawn to for some 6c climbing on huge tufas.  We’d been wanting to go for a while but waiting to get strong enough.


I started us on a 6a warmup which was ok but nothing special.


Then Anja got to the business of 6c climbing.  She was super stoked as she flashed the first climb.


I went for a ride on top rope but really enjoyed the climb.


We thought about doing one 6c+ to the right but after watching a husband and wife do it and seeing where they struggled and the fall potential we did one to the left.  Anja knocked out the thin start but was really struggling going left half way up and about ready to hang when I yelled remembering a pitch from the guidebook;  “Don’t you climb on the tufa far right?”.  “oh I see other bolts going right.”


She was off again and made the big tufa where she could take a good rest to flash the rest of the climb.  She was excited.


We moved down to some climbing on the right.


Even though I was exhausted I still gave a 6b+ a on-sight tempt but pumped out at the top and couldn’t hold on.


It was a great place to climb with some nice views and an awesome day out.

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