Friday, July 1, 2011

Greece-Santorini Ferry (Day 121)

Today turned into a lot of running around.  We were checking out of our hotel around 11:30 am to catch our 3 pm ferry and someone told us it was cancelled due to high winds.  I guess it was a hydrofoil and in high wind they cancel a lot.  We were told there was a 4 pm on another ferry line but it would fill soon so Rick and I immediately rushed down the ticket office and switched and made it just in time to get some of the last seats on the ferry which was at 4 pm.  I think our cost for this ferry was 57 euros each.  Pricey I thought.


Big crowds waiting for the ferry.


It was kind of funny as we got on we figured out we had assigned seat so we headed to them but someone as in them and said it doesn’t matter so we sat somewhere else and said the same to other people but then a woman came to move people and we got our assigned seats.  They found out later the people were right, assigned seats don’t matter unless the ferry is full then they do.


This boat was a catamaran which airplane style seats and wasn’t a very fun ride.


We made it to Santorini which was for me the most famous Greek Island.  I’d heard about its’ famous sunsets from my good Greek friends Stan, Nicos, and Stas.  I was also excited because I had it is one of the possible locations of Atlantis.  


Notice the huge cliff in the background, all the accommodations are on top of these cliffs.  We got to our hotel the Villa Rose ($68 a night) and immediately got to setting Anja up for a conference call but the wifi was down.  The hotel owner was really helpful and immediately got working to fix the wifi.  The group got a glimpse of the ugly side of our travels as Anja tried to rest for her 9 pm call and I ran around trying to secure wifi and then when that failed to find an internet café.  Luckily, I found one just 10 minutes down the road and got Anja there setup at 7:50 pm.  By the time we got back to the hotel at 10:30 pm the wifi was fixed.  It was a crazier day then I would have liked.

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