Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Greece-Santorini Day Tour (Day 122)

I twisted Rick and Linda’s arm to go on an all day tour to the caldera, hot springs, and sunset at Oia.  My dad really wanted to go to the caldera and Linda wanted to see the sunset at Oia so I wanted to knock them out on the first day.  The tour was 38 euro each.  We started the day with a short bus ride.  On the ride I started talking to an American in the seat behind us telling him about our trip.  Somehow it came up from him: “My son lives in Jackson Wyoming” “Cool, my brother in law lives there.  He works at Hoback Sports.” “My son Andy worked there” “Lane’s been there years” “They must know each other”  “Hey and that’s his dad over there”. 


Lane from Jackson sis and dad and Andy from Jackson’s dad in Santorini.  How small the world we live in seems sometimes.


We then had a little boat ride to the caldera.


Anja and I of course immediately started running around leaving the group and not listening to instructions like we were small children.  We were with our parents after all.  Smile


Look little crater on the caldera.


On top of the caldera with the cliffs of Sanotorini behind us.


If only Rick were not so serious all the time…


The trail down from the top.


The next stop was the hot springs.  We were informed we would have to swim through 60 degree water to get to them.  Drag.  This was all Linda needed to not go so it was just Anja and I and Andy’s dad Bob.


Anja and Bob in the muddy hot spring.  Sadly, it was only about 95 degrees.  Not warm enough for me.


We had fun and enjoyed the swim though.


The boat then stopped at Thirasia for lunch.


Anja and I of course had to walk up the stairs.


We made it up quick.


Grabbed a shot from the top and headed back down.


It was cool to get a different view of the caldera from here.


Then it was on to Oia.


An more stairs this time with donkeys on them taking people up and down.  At one point we heard screaming I looked up and saw a stupid lady on the back of a donkey which had come to a steep spot in the trail.  Of course the donkey just charged up the steep step not wanting to get smacked.  The poor stupid donkey


Everyone got a new understanding of my hatred for donkeys in the high Sierra-Nevada Mountains as these donkeys almost run you over as you are walking on the trail.



The old ruins on the top of this hill in Oia is where everyone goes to watch the sunset.


It was a great sunset.


A quick bus back to Fira and we finished out the day we got gyros at Lucky Souvlakis which we loved beer and cheap good food.  What more can you ask for.

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