Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Greece-Kalymnos Skatia Cave (Day 137)

I was still feeling a little under the weather so Anja, Kristen, and Andy headed off to Sikati Cave for some climbing and beach time.


To get there they had to rent motorbikes which Anja was excited about getting to ride without me to slow her down.  The ride out was long and had some bad sections of dirt road but they made it to the trailhead.


Sheep on the long walk in.

Sikati cave

The cave is a crazy hole in the ground.


To get in the cave there was a handline/via ferrata setup.


They went and climbed one of the only routes in the cave less than 7a+ called B69 5b+.


After the climb they wondered around the cave.


And found lots and lots of bouldering on tufas.


After bouldering they climbed out of the hole and headed down the to beach.


It was totally secluded.


They had the beach all to themselves and relaxed.


On the way out they had to get back up the dirt road.  To get out Anja had to walk next to the motorbike and give it gas as she walked on the dirt road.  Once it touched pavement the bike tires got a good grip and the bike went flying out of Anja’s hands.  It got all scratched up and she was super nervous about returning it to Ace of the Road so when she got back to Masouri she parked it in front of Ace of the Road waved and ran off quick.  They had were we were staying but no one ever showed up about it.

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