Friday, July 8, 2011

Greece-Rhodes Climbing Ladiko (Day 125)

We arrived at Rodes town around 8 am.  Everyone was pretty rested from sleeping on the ferry except Anja who didn’t sleep well sharing a room with my parents.  We had booked a room in Pefkos down on the Southeast coast of Rhodes.  We had two things to figure out before leaving Rodos get our rental car and pickup our ferry tickets.


We had arranged for the rental car to pick us up at 10 am but it was only 9 am when we got off the boat.  Opps guess we got the wrong arrival time.  I went out to try to figure out were our tickets were at but they were on a different line which was at another section of the port so I tried to walk there but found the rental car office instead.  We got the car and Anja wanted to drive so she took me over to where the port office was and dropped me off to pickup the tickets.  I had to do a little running (literally) to find the correct office but I got the tickets.  When Anja picked me up in the van we had rented it was having stalling problems so we drove back to the car rental office pulled into a parking spot and it stalled.  It would not restart.  What luck this happened here.  Luckily, they had another one of these van so we just swapped vans.  Interesting thing in Greece a day rental is often only until 8 pm that day or 8 am the next day not 24 hours.  So if you rent at 6 pm you will have to return at 8 am the next day or pay another day to return at 6 pm.  They seem to get more lax at the 3 day rental.

We headed down the coast and Anja and I were going climbing while our folks saw some of Rhodes so they took us and dropped us off at the climbing area.  It was funny we both kind of felt like little kids getting dropped off by our parents to go play. 


We drove up a dirt road near Ladiko beach and walked along a little trail above the Aegean Sea and found the climbing area.


Right Wall.


Ladiko Cave.  We wanted to get up to the cave but it only had one route easy enough for us and that was pretty hard so we wanted to warmup first.


Left Wall since the left wall seemed the easiest to get to and the rock quality looked pretty good we started there.


We warmed up on Obelix 5.9 which was a nice little climb and on our list from info we could find on the web.


We then got on Nyxterida 5.10a which was also good.  While I was climbing it some other climbers walked up and said hi to us.  They seemed very surprised to see us.  They were locals and said they never seen anyone else here except the about 12 locals who climb.  They were really friendly and told us about the routes we didn’t have information on.


I think tried Espresso 5.10a which was kind of sharp with a slightly hidden hold at the crux.


Anja then got on Fredo 5.10a.  This route wasn’t as had as the others.


It was crazy sharp rock through.  Enough warming up lets go check out the cave route.


We got there and immediately thought the route looked amazing!


Furno 5.10c may not look like it in the pictures but it was significately overhanging and was extremely physical to stay connected to the wall.


Anja is showing a little better how steep it is.  Look at her chalk bag, where it is hanging is straight down.


Also you always know how steep something is when you lower off from the top.  I was standing at the start of the route and Anja lowered about 10 ft behind me so I snapped this shot.


We rounded out the day back at the Left wall on Frappes 5.10b.  I also tried to get more beta out of the locals about the climbs up at Right Wall for if we came back.


Back in Pefkos we got a good Greek dinner with some Greek wine.


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