Friday, July 22, 2011

Greece-Kalymnos Afternoon Wall (Day 135)

We took Kristen and her friend Andy climbing at Afternoon Wall.  I led up Nonno Ringo 5c (5.8) and set a top rope.


Andy was pretty excited about climbing and this would be one of his first days climbing outside.


Anja belayed him for the first climb.


He got stuck and was having difficulties understanding how small of holds he could stand on so I soloed up next to him to try to encourage him a little.  Once he reached the crux higher up then I would solo he had enough and lower back down.


We then put up a top rope on L’Amico Ralph 5c (5.8).  Andy gave this a good effort again but was struggling with how small of footholds you can stand on in climbing shoes.


Anja mean while did a belay lesson with Kristen.


We then stepped up the difficulty onto Swiss Baby 6a (5.10a).  We were kind of hoping the climb would be steeper with larger hold which might be easier for Andy but the holds were not that big and he struggled early and lowered off.


Kristen again cruised up the route easily until she reached the crux and then declared she could not do it and lowered off.


This goat was cruising the cliff base looking for free handouts.  It was super friendly and walked right up to Anja and seemed pretty happy to receive some head scratches. 


It had been a nice day of group climbing and we relaxed a little on our balcony.

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