Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Greece-Kalymnos Parents Goodbye (Day 132)

Sadly it was time for us part ways with our folks.  We were really glad they got to see one of the international climbing destinations we were visiting. I think they learned how friendly everyone is and welcoming is to climbers in some of these spots. They were off to Italy and we were going to stay on Kalymnos and climb.


We had a nice breakfast on the giant balcony.


Put them in a cab and said goodbye.


They were off to fly out from the Kalymnos airport which is notorious for cancelation due to wind.  They made it out to Athens just fine although on the subway to Plaka, the tourist district of Athens my mom got surrounded by a group of people and had the contents of her hip pack emptied.  Luckily, the hip pack didn’t have much more than some paper and tissues.

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