Thursday, July 28, 2011

Greece-Kalymnos-Top of Telendos Day Hike (Day 139)

The four of us decided to go for a day hike to the top of Telendos Island.


We caught the ferry to Telendos just a 15 minute walk down the coast which cost 2 euro each.


The trail started by hiking up the coast of the island.


We missed our turn and ended up seeing the climbing sector Irox and we figured our were we were.


We found the trail up to these little church which was neat and unlocked.  I went inside and it was at least 15 degrees cooler which was a welcome relief from the heat.


The trail from the church to the top was far from clear but we made it and I found a pillar to stand on.


Great views from the top and we grabbed a little lunch before heading back down.


The church was a welcome site to see.


We made a brief stop at a beach on the coast and then headed back to the ferry.


Another great sunset but tonight we knew what it was like on top.

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