Monday, July 18, 2011

Greece-Kalymnos Poets (Day 131)

We’d made it to Kalymnos the destination in conjunction with Thailand behind the idea to go around the world.  We figured out one of the closest areas to us to head up to and climb.


After Turkey we were really unsure how we were climbing and feeling like just 6a could be our limit.


It was nice to find that 6a was easy and relaxing.


So of course Anja wanted to push it right away and got on 6b+.


I stepped it back down to 6b.


It was nice to onsight 6b again.


Then we rounded out on 5c+.


Our folks hiked up to the base of the cliff to meet us there and have lunch.  They got there just in time to catch the last of the shade and relax.


We called it a day and walked back down with them.


Rick was pretty funny on Kalymnos and acting like a little kid so excited there was no plans for the day so he went straight to rent a motorbike.


My parents had also rented a motorbike and ridden over to the start of the approach.


Pretty funny sight to see my folks on a motorbike.  By the time we got back to the room Rick had already moved on and returned the motorbike and headed to the beach for drinks.

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