Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Greece-Patmos Ferry (Day 128)

In the morning we returned the rental car and caught our ferry to Patmos.  Patmos is a pilgrimage site for many Christians as it is the location where the Apocalypse of the Bible was written.


My dad was most interested in these old ships though.


Patmos was a relaxing place.  So far distant from the tourists towns we’d been in so far. 


We got checked in at the Blue Bay hotel and headed out for some food at Mermaids.


So funny Greece story.  Anja doesn’t like tomatoes but likes salad.  Greek Salad is mostly cucumbers, tomatoes and feta onto with some onion and olives in the mix.  Anja often would ask if she could order the Greek salad without tomatoes.  This was typically followed by a dirty look from the waiter and an annoyed “No.”  Since a Greek salad was not normally the cheap salad the best waiters would say “what do you want.  We make it for you.”  Mermaids made her the best salad in all of Greece.  It had beets, zucchini, carrots, feta, onions, cucumber, sliced olives, and green peppers.  Fabulous for weeks after there Anja tried to order this salad but no one else made it for her.


The Blue Bay Hotel was great with views of the ocean from all our rooms balcony's.

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