Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Worthwhile Pile - Joshua Tree - November 5, 2010

Anja was still in LA for her conference but lots of my friends showed up in Joshua Tree for the weekend so we all went out for a group climbing top rope day.
Chris was happy to findout there is cell service in Sheep's Pass campground
Sheep's Pass group campsite
We headed over to Worthwhile Pile in Real Hidden Valley.  I felt really good from the success the day before but a little tired.
Since I'd been here before I knew this 5.5 was a really great easy traditional climb lead.  I was encouraging anyone in the group to do there first lead on this climb and got Paul (a friend of a friend) to do his first lead.  He wasn't sure about the anchor but I just said put in a bunch of cams at the top and I'll be fine.
He really enjoyed it and was excited to lead. Ali said she wanted to lead but didn't want to place gear so I left the gear Paul had placed, added a little more, and built a bomber anchor. Ali led on the preplaced gear and had so much fun that Megan wanted in on the action too.

After this Eric, Chris, Paul, and I headed over to Mel's Dinner to Left and Right Mel crack both were about 5.10b and I top roped them easy.  Doing a second lap on each before leaving.  It's good to be strong.  :) 

That evening Anja and Ram showed up in camp along with a whole bunch of other friends from So Cal.  It was great to see everyone.

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